Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.Neil Gaiman

What is Addiction; by Gabor Mate

One of the men i respect most in the field of addiction care and recovery. Dr Mate works in Canada and is at the forefront of creative thinking on how... Keep reading

‘Attachment Theory’ made easy

The father of attachment theory is a man called John Bowlby who first brought this whole concept into the public eye in the 1960s. From my own Google search- “Edward... Keep reading

iCAAD Conference 2018

Following on from the incredible success of last year’s conference, iCAAD 2018 has further established Britain’s largest addiction conference as one of the best places in the United Kingdom to... Keep reading

Listening To Shame; by Brene Brown

Brene Brown’s brilliant follow-up TED Talk to her earlier one on Vulnerability, Here she tackles the other critical element of her work- Shame!  ... Keep reading

The Power Of Vulnerability; by Brene Brown

Brene Brown at her original and best. A must-see video that I believe forms the basis of all healthy emotionality. Skip the first one and a half minutes to get... Keep reading

My journey into ‘Myself’ in the Peruvian Amazon

In November last year, I decided to try something a little off the beaten track. Inspired by the work of Dr Gabor Mate, and needing to re-centre myself following the death... Keep reading

Self love is the key

One of the most powerful, upsetting and sadly true images I have ever come across. Until we can find a way to prevent trans-generational emotional dysfunction passing from one generation... Keep reading

Childhood Disrupted

A powerful article that speaks for itself.   Childhood Disrupted    ... Keep reading

Dance with your inner child

What do you see in this beautiful dance? For me, it talks to the importance of remembering to dance with my inner child, as often as I can.  ... Keep reading

Breaking the Cycle of Bullying

“Hurt people hurt people!” These first four words of this moving video are all you really need to remember. I encourage you to watch all of it, to provoke thought... Keep reading

iCAAD Conference, London

iCAAD Events is a new event management company under the ownership and management of Sam Quinlan and Catty White. They have just completed their first London conference at the Royal Garden Hotel,... Keep reading

Deep Coaching Qualification

Never one to sit around too long without exploring my next tranche of education, I am delighted to announce that I am now a certified Deep Coaching Practitioner, having just... Keep reading

A Certified Coach | International Coaching Federation

I am feeling very proud and now gratefully ‘de-stressed’ — with a few years of preparation under my belt — to have passed the exam to become a certified and accredited... Keep reading

The Mask You Live In

How are we letting down generations of young men? This is a superb video exploring masculinity in our society. Whilst it is based upon young American boys and men, it... Keep reading

What Is Coaching?

If you are interested to understand more about the actual role a coach plays, then may I invite you to watch this short video from the International Coaching Federation, the... Keep reading

Barefoot Coaching Qualification

I am proud and delighted to announce my completion of a coaching course with the amazing Barefoot Coaching school. I want to thank their incredible team, led by Kim Morgan,... Keep reading

Addiction: Rat Park

A very interesting PDF article, video, and book on the origins of addiction, written by Author and Entrepreneur Johan Hari. DOWNLOAD A PDF: The Cause of Addiction Or READ THE BOOK, Chasing... Keep reading

Viktor E. Frankl | Quote…

A powerful quote for my day, which I wanted to share with you all….  ... Keep reading

‘Love’ by Alexander Milov | Burning Man 2015

Perhaps one of the most evocative creations ever to grace the Burning Man Playa, ‘Love’, as defined by the brilliant Ukrainian Sculptor, Alexander Milov. While you can take your own... Keep reading

Rudyard Kipling, at his best.

I can never get enough of this fabulous poem. Rudyard Kipling at his best. Enjoy! IF If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and... Keep reading