He who teaches should speak only of what he has experienced.Dalai Lama

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The opportunity to cultivate awareness of sex addiction and behavioural compulsivity and to help others discover how to achieve emotional balance as young as possible is something that greatly interests me. To this end, I am keen to lecture to institutions such as schools, colleges, societies and treatment centres. Topics can include an exploration of-

  • Male Vulnerability
  • Bullying, Rage, and Fear
  • Addictions/Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Peer Relationships and Tolerance
  • Self-awareness, Gentleness, and Self-acceptance
  • Gratitude and Forgiveness

Whilst always aware of the emotional safety of an audience, I like to relate topics to my own experiences in combination with the education I seek and pursue on an ongoing basis. I feel this lends credence and promotes the reality of such topics and the benefits to be gleaned from tackling these issues as early in life as possible. After our initial conversation, I can send you more structured ideas regarding subject matter and manner of presentation. I feel it is important to work with you and your organisation to tailor each presentation to be appropriate for your audience. I also feel it is important to schedule time after a presentation to meet with anyone who might have issues polarised by the content. Offering one-to-one time whilst things are fresh in the mind is a very constructive way to reinforce the benefits of practicing the principles discussed.

I welcome your ideas and requests if you find you have an interest in my visiting your organisation. I look forward to sharing what I’ve come to know alongside a message that may ignite courage, honesty, strength and hope.