He who teaches should speak only of what he has experienced.Dalai Lama


Bridging the gap between treatment and life

Suppressed pain, anger, fear, shame and guilt are each in their own way incredibly disruptive to every aspect of our daily existence. Once we know ourselves better, we are in a much stronger position to deal with the many unwanted feelings from which we may be running. Such knowledge empowers us to better deal with all areas of our lives. My job is to help explore the habits that keep you from experiencing your own emotional health and sense of well-being and to talk to you about healthier outward behaviours that better compliment your desired life. I will talk to you about different coping techniques and  tools in a realistic manner. If, during our discussions, we encounter a direction that requires more specialist guidance, I will advise you where to find the help and support you need. Identifying the correct type of help can in itself be one of the hardest and yet most important aspects of transforming your life. I will provide feedback along your journey. I would like to be the coach to whom you turn instead of that well-worn, unhealthy behaviour.

Talking to people in pain and discussing difficult circumstances is the major theme of my work today. I’ve been there! I believe that being open with my own story helps to foster trust and understanding. Reassurance is needed in the early stages of coaching and mentoring around sensitive subjects, reassurance to help you track where you really are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

Because I, like so many others, never shared any of the pain of the negligence and abuse experienced in my early life, all I found was a lonely and confounding emotional wilderness. Muddling through on your own will not necessarily make you happy. I didn’t work for me and would like to offer another alternative.

I hope that if nothing else, you will at least make one call. Share with me the essence of your problems and we’ll figure out if I can help you further explore yourself and gain the understanding you so deserve.