He who teaches should speak only of what he has experienced.Dalai Lama


Accompanying a client from ‘A’ to ‘B’

Accepting the need for help is one thing: getting to help can be another! An additional recovery service that I offer is accompanying clients from home – or wherever they are living – to the organised treatment centre. It is hard enough coming to terms with dysfunctional behaviours and pride will deter us to the bitter end. Having made the decision to seek help, it can be a daunting prospect making the journey to the chosen centre. The journey could involve international air travel as well as journeys by road or rail.

Along the way, sitting alone on a bus or a plane, there will be plenty of time to listen to our fears of what lies ahead. The temptation to turn around at any point of the journey can be overwhelming. Temptations themselves take many forms and are easily accessible whilst travelling. With whom could it be better to share such a journey than with someone who knows exactly what it feels like and who can lend comfort along the way, reiterating the benefits that come from taking this courageous step.

I have emphasised the benefits of sharing our stories. Sharing our physical journeys is also important and can be just as helpful, healing, and safe. I will meet a client at their door and accompany them every step of the way, delivering them safely to the desired treatment centre. I will organise accommodation, healthy foods, and whatever form of transport is most appropriate. I have a clean driving licence and have never received any form of criminal conviction. I am therefore unfettered by the demands of international travel. I am happy to accompany clients to any country around the world or just for an hour’s drive along a country lane. The distance is a given. What matters is the sharing of these journeys to help calm nerves and start the journey back to trust, self-understanding, and emotional well-being.