The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted.Wiz Kahlifa

Enough about me… over to You

I have been working through my pain, through the terrain of repressed emotion and have come out the other side. To give you an idea of how I did that, I have shared what is, fundamentally, the short version of my life story. If you want the longer version, I am happy to share it. In talking and sharing our stories, I believe that together we will find the common ground necessary to build the foundations for a transformative you.

Anyone can change if they want to! If, having read to this point, you have questions starting to appear or memories triggered from long ago, then perhaps a meeting will help even more. I cannot promise overnight change, but I can promise that if you want to change and are ready to try something new, then I can help you find the necessary path to enjoy a healthier and safer life journey.

I will meet you at my home or I can come to you. My determination to help others does not stop at my front door. I relish the chance to get out and meet you. Seeing where you come from, exploring your surroundings and then exploring possible change can only take us someplace positive and give you a better chance at ridding your life of long-dormant emotional cancer.

With courageous help and much love from many kind and gentle people, I have been lucky enough to discover much more of who I really am, what I truly desire and how much capacity I have to heal. And make no mistake; it is an ongoing journey. Through this journey, I have discovered an innate ability to hear others deeply and to create a safe space in which to see what’s really there, what’s wanting to be heard and what’s crying out for help from the depths of your soul.

Together, let’s see what ‘we’ can achieve for You.